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My family went to the WVU Fan Zone in the Meadowbrook mall for a autograph signing they were having.My 8 year old son had been looking forward to it for weeks.

When we arrived the football player was up on a stage signing autographs. There were signs throughout the mall. The sign stated $20.00 for autographs. Then on the following line it stated FREE autographs with any purchase from the Fan Zone.

I thought $20.00 was a bit much for an autograph plus you had to buy something for the player to sign. Instead, we purchased a flag banner for $8.00. We then asked for our ticket to get the autograph and the clerk stated that we needed to buy $25.00 worth in order to get the autograph. I stated that the sign reads FREE autograph with any purchase.

I asked to see the owner. She was very rude right from the start asking if there was a problem. My husband showed her the sign stating the FREE autograph with purchase and she began yelling and saying "well that's not what it says." After I told her that this was false advertising and was not right, this woman, who is the owners wife, looks at me and says "it's only $20.00!" I could not believe what I just heard! I then said maybe $20.00 isn't alot of money to you but for some it is and it's the principle.

Now I have a very disappointed 8 year old. Then the woman tells me to leave because I was embarrassing my children!!! Let me tell you, if my kids weren't with me I assure you I would have put that disgrace of a woman in her place. My husband, on the other hand, had security called on him.

He is not one for letting anyone walk on him or his son. Do not shop at this store. The owners need to stop false advertising for their benefit.

But now that I saw first hand what kind of people they are, this does not surprise me.I have also found many more complaints about this store and this particular woman, the owners wife, than just mine.

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Knox, Indiana, United States #646238

I am sick of all of the banter I see regarding this business.I see the owners jump to criticize and bash ANYONE who attempts to post an honest review of their practices...and they all too often refer to entire demographics of people as "ignorant".

The only reason I am posting as anonymous today is for that reason alone. I don't need the Anderson's attempting to berate my entire family because I attempted to post an honest experience on a site meant soley for that purpose. Any respectable businessperson would not go to such lengths to defame and decimate those who pose a threat to them. If they were truly so innocent and misunderstood, they'd go about their daily affairs discreetly, continue to do business as usual, and notify the proper authorities.

My family owns a business as well. Most business owners would be appalled at the things these folks do every time there is conflict (and there seems to be a LOT of conflict with Wvu Fan ZONE). Also, I find it to be an interesting pattern that this Mr. Anderson repeatedly attempts to make it known just HOW much money he makes and how extravagantly they travel, live, etc.

A respectable man who was actually independently wealthy from his own hard work would be much more humble (I'd hope). I also hope these people's actions don't reflect on those of us from WV that have made honest livings and do well on our own accord. We don't all act "Nouveau Riche" a bunch of crazy people that have to...

Now, if you see if fit to go crazy with a cussing spree to defend your honor, go for it.

I will not be back to this page again, I came to post my opinion and I have done so.F

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This store has a long history of threatening fans and customers.I would recommend anyone shop at a different store because these owners are garbage human beings who do not deserve to make a living selling the WVU product.

They are a disgrace to WV. I complained once about the bitchy chick who is married to the store owner and he emailed me begging to meet me somewhere to fight.

It was a fair complaint.These people are the ones your momma warned you about.

to georgejones Athol, Massachusetts, United States #626025

do you need to get on bobbi jo's shoulders to see over the counter at the bank! :grin

to Anonymous Thomas, West Virginia, United States #626029

You people are ***.I think he is 5'10 or 5'11".

So obviously you guys don't know him. Just shows your ignorance.

Just sayin.Most clarksburg people ARE below average on the ignorance scale!!


Let me be the one to clear things up.For $20.00 you got a 11 X14 photo of Bruce that he signed for you.

Or you had the option of bringing a item from home that Bruce would sign for $20.00. And the third option was you could purchase an item that was $25.00 and up Bruce would sign it for free. This was on the local news and posted everywhere. Now you let me know if we're the bad people.

I was watching a customers baby while she took her 4 year old on the stage to get his autograph when I hear this man cursing and yelling at our store, so I then look over and ask if there was a problem. I braced myself and the baby as the man and his wife barged towards me saying h--- yes I have a problem, your sign says FREE with any purchase. I told him there was an **** beside it and if he looked at the bottom it told you **$25.00 min purchase. He wasn't hearing me and we were busy with the line so I did say IT IS $20.00 and that was his charge.

His wife got in my face and said do you have 20.00 and I said yes I do. He then ran back in the store cursing, yelling and when a customer told him to stop using vulgar language because of his kids the husband threaten to punch the customer. This went on for a while they would not leave so we did call the local police, we gave them his cash back for the $7.00 pennant. And police escorted him out.

I feel offended by people like this we work really hard to please people, we paid $2,000.00 for bruce to come. They were...

Clothes, socks, jackets.

So if we're bad people I don't think we would do all that.So please let this be known we just don't let people walk all over us.

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this not so perfect man threatened to fight customers in the store that asked him to leave using the F word constantly with all the other children around after asking the man to leave he refused and the police were called. Customers clapped and Bruce Irvin (signing autographs) clapped once he was removed!!!


I think JCA got it right.. we deal with ignorants daily!!!


I own the store..these people are just trash..

I had 150 people that day and of course there had to 1 in every crowd.. and guess who it was?? trying to get something for nothing!!!! I GLAD WE REFUNDED YOU YOUR MONEY AND THAT YOU DIDNT GET AN AUTOGRAPH...

Im sure where you work..

if you work...that you have rules too!!!


I'm not from WV I'm from Chicago.I LIVE in WV.

The complaint isn't about the 20 bucks, it's about the FALSE advertisement!Maybe try to read the whole complaint before you comment on it!

to georgejones Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida, United States #597499

Hey ***, I never said I was from Fairmont.I see you are spying on teenage girls in your bathroom with your HIDDEN ha!ha!


You are one sick person!I hope to god those people investigate it further & you and your *** of a wife get thrown in jail!

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