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A saleswoman at WVU Fan Zone at the Meadowbrook Mall in West Virginia (who turns out to be the wife of the owner) accused me of shoplifting twice...once when she carried some items to the check out for me (my husband heard her telling the cashier) and a second time when I was signing the receipt (she didn't notice I was standing right beside her)! I don't know how you steal a handful of coffee mugs, but I must have looked like a shoplifter. When I decided I had enough, I said I wanted an apology (I was obviously not a thief, I had just paid) or an immediately refund, the saleswoman went off. She began screaming to the point other customers left the store and then walked away from me. I told the cashier I wanted a refund since the woman wouldn't apologize and I was told "she wouldn't have yelled at you if you hadn't said what you said." I was then refused a refund even though there were no signs saying all sales were final.

I talked with some friends about what happened and they had horror stories about the same saleswoman/owner. One friend who has a facial piercing was actually stopped at the door by the woman and told "we don't sell face rings here." The next day, I sent an email to the store owner. I thought the owner should be aware of the saleswoman's behavior. After several days, the owner responded with 2 very weird emails. Below is the response I got:

On Sun, Dec 18, 2011 at 2:15 PM, wrote:

I am the owner and the lady that "screamed" at you was my wife (owner).. my advise..... go somewhere else.

On Sun, Dec 18, 2011 at 2:20 PM, wrote:

by the way... where you pay with cash or sign your credit card receipt.. there is a sign in BOLD RED letters that says " NO REFUND.. EXCHANGE ONLY" ......... only the rude don't see it...

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Thomas, West Virginia, United States #627435

Yeah because everybody looks on this website before shopping.

Weston, West Virginia, United States #627433

Like I said in another post.Why buy any of their garbage?

Their clothes are... something one would but at Wal-Mart in WV Fan Zone. Buy Under Armour or Nike.... not their Wal-Mart trash.

Need cell accessories? Shop on Amazon. You can get ALL they have for half the price. And their candy store?


Don't be fat and eat junk, if you must, Bonnie Belles is better.And I wonder if Bobbi can see the future with those coke bottles she wears on her face, lol.

to Ron T Thomas, West Virginia, United States #627471

Your comments are stu-pid. This is not a fu-cling blog. Go back to the trailer park

to Ron T is *** Weston, West Virginia, United States #627492

Obviously you must be ***.Where did any factor of a blog come into play in my statement?

Go back to the trailer park?With you comprehension of what I said and more than likely your level of education you, sir, most likely live in a trailer park.

Clarksburg, West Virginia, United States #627398

I am not friends with either the Anderson or Scott Family but I do know of both families through other ppl.I've heard/read all the comments from both sides and it is an outrage!

I'm not on either side but I will say this for Mr. Anderson...you are bashing Catholics AND Italians? Does someone need to remind you where you live? That's what 80% of this town consist of.

You just shoot yourself & your business(s) in the foot!

Instead of writing comments that are black & white for all to see, you or your wife should of went to that person face to face!I'm Catholic & Italian and won't be back to any of your stores!

to Free2Speak #627417

Doing fine without you!!!Keep not taking sides.


Face to face?Like you did??

to Free2Speak Thomas, West Virginia, United States #627421

Everybody is catholic. It's the easiest to be. Sin and then forget

to Catholic #627428

but not everyone is short its not the easiest to be......thats why you're angry and bitter Napolean!BLAAAHHHHAAAA!

We know it sucks to always be looking at big guys nose hairs when you are talking to them but it will b ok little man!!!!:grin

to Anonymous #627432

Id look at other women too if i was married to that oguurr your'e married too! dont worry halfpint maybe the doctors in vegas can fix her face and you can get new thicker healed shoes......lol :grin

to Free2Speak Thomas, West Virginia, United States #627427

Thoughts on this website are not true!!

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